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Raccoon Control Service - Seattle Area - Attics, Crawlspaces, Sheds, & More

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Are you having issues with Raccoons or other pests on your property?

Raccoons are intelligent and adaptable animals that have learned to live alongside humans in every part of the greater Seattle area. However, their presence can sometimes be a nuisance, as they can damage property and cause other issues.

In addition to damaging your parts of your home or lawn, raccoons can also spread diseases. They are known to carry rabies, distemper, and other diseases that can be harmful to humans and pets.

It is important to remember that raccoons are wild animals and should be treated with caution. If you encounter a raccoon, do not approach it and do not try to handle it yourself. Contact a professional wildlife control company for assistance.

Examples of Raccoon Issues and/or Property Damage You May be Experiencing:

  • Tipping over garbage cans and scattering trash: Raccoons are attracted to the smell of food, and they will often tip over garbage cans in order to get at the contents. This can create a mess and attract other pests, such as flies and rodents.

  • Eating pet food and birdseed: Raccoons will also eat pet food and birdseed, which can be costly to replace. In addition, they can spread diseases to pets when eating their food.

  • Nesting in attics and crawl spaces: Raccoons often nest in attics and crawl spaces, which can cause damage to these areas. They can also create a mess and make noise, which can be disruptive to homeowners.

  • Chewing on electrical wires and other objects: Raccoons have been known to chew on electrical wires, which can create a fire hazard. If able to gain access to the interior, they can also damage furniture, appliances, and other valuable belongings.

How to Deter Raccoons From Your Property

  • Removing potential food sources, such as garbage cans, exterior pet food bowls, and bird feeders

  • Securing access to your home and other buildings by repairing any holes or broken windows

  • Installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers to potentially scare away raccoons

If the Problem Still Persists.....

Often times after trying to deter Raccoons with "home remedies", Raccoons will still linger around and continue to cause issues. In this case it is best to contact a licensed professional. At King Wildlife Services, we handle nearly all species of nuisance wildlife in the Puget Sound region.

Contact Us!

For any residential or commercial wildlife control issue, give King Wildlife Services a call today! Currently servicing Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Everett, and more!

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