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Mountain Beaver - Burrows, Erosion, Damage to Crops, Etc - Seattle Nuisance Wildlife Control

Mountain Beavers have been around a very long time. They've been in the Snohomish County and King County areas of Washington State for a lot longer than any humans. It is really quite remarkable how this species has been able to survive in urban and suburban habitats and also continue to adapt with the ever increasing population of people and homes being built. Somehow Mountain Beavers still thrive in these densely populated areas.

This prehistoric critter (Aplodontia rufa) is primarily known for digging approximately 5"-8" burrows on (usually steep) hillsides and in turn causing mass erosion issues. Also, they're commonly known to be eating shrubs and ornamental plants around homes/gardens. For other wildlife (predators in particular) around, they're primarily food, similar to any other rodent species. The most common way to remove Mountain Beavers is through trapping. Hiring an expert nuisance wildlife control operator/trapper is definitely recommended because they can be tricky to catch.

Erosion is definitely not something to take lightly and Mountain Beavers are very good at causing this issue. Their "burrows" can be significantly larger than their body size and extend many feet down into the ground. From there, multiple different "chambers" can even exist, which only further exacerbates the damage to properties. They're without a doubt one of the most destructive "little" animals in the greater Seattle area and their small size does not even remotely compare to the immense damage they can cause.

At King Wildlife Services, we are experienced with Mountain Beaver damage/trapping and can solve your problem efficiently and effectively.

Extensive nuisance Mountain Beaver damage has been found in nearly all parts of Western WA (Mukilteo, Edmonds, Bellevue, Kirkland, Mill Creek, Everett, Seattle, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, and many other cities/towns). Pest control companies do not usually handle Mountain Beaver issues, generally only a wildlife control company/service.

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